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Any of the described or similar models and algorithms can be adapted to your requirements. Coronavirus epidemic. Simple and delicious recipe.

Coronavirus epidemic

Simple and delicious recipe!

Against the background of the peak of discussions of the COVID 19 problem, 
we give a recipe that is distributed on social and telephone networks and 
which we liked

We hope everyone enjoys this recommendation,  because it is tasty and 
looks harmless.

I am a doctor in Israel since 1973. I am 78 years old, received a medical education at the 
Odessa Medical Institute in 1966.
My specialization is orthopedics, and for many years, until retirement, I successfully worked 
on it. In addition, I was simultaneously engaged in family medicine, in particular, I lived 
and served as a kibbutz doctor. And  for 3-4 weeks each year for 20 years, I served in Tsakhal 
as a doctor in backup service order. Therefore, my experience is rich in the treatment of viral 
diseases of the upper respiratory pathways, different strains and different variations of viral 

In the last year, quite by accident and unintentionally, I gained positive personal experience, 
and maybe even came to an accidental, but useful medical "find".

I managed to eliminate my own viral disease of the upper respiratory tract quickly and easily.
To do this, I happened to rinse my mouth and nasopharynx, and simply drink a solution of high 

How did it happen?

Once, six months ago, long before the start of the Coronovirus epidemic, I woke up in the 
morning, burning, dryness and sore throat. A dry, sputum-free, harassing cough began. I knew 
these conditions well. They have always been a foretell for me, the aura of an oncoming viral 
disease of the upper respiratory tract or flu, usually developing in three to four weeks of 
malaise, often ending with a week-long course of antibiotics from the group of ampicillin.

This time the feeling in my throat was so disgusting that I decided to somehow alleviate it. 

I squeezed the juice from half a lemon, 
sweetened it with half a spoon of honey and drank it. 

It was completely unexpected for me that literally after 4-5 hours the pain and burning sensation 
simply disappeared and didn't come back as if they weren't before at all. Those. the onset of the 
disease simply did not take place. Since then, I have offered this treatment to six more "patients" 
- wife, adult older daughter, friends. The "patent" worked flawlessly and also almost instantly.

When the "coronovirus" epidemic started, and then turned into a pandemic, I had the ground to 
seriously think about my amazing "case".

Why did lemon juice with honey help me and my "patients"? 

Reflections on the details of this "case" and the study of relevant literature turned out to be 
real for me discovery. Influenza and simply viral inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, 
which each of us not once sick, caused by the so-called rhinoviruses (free translation: 
nasopharyngeal viruses). Incidentally, the COVID 19 virus, the causative agent of Coronovirus, 
also belongs to this large group of rhinoviruses. This group of viruses affects, as was said, 
the upper respiratory tract. Complications of these viral diseases are viral laryngitis, 
tracheitis, bronchitis, and often viral pneumonia, often causing pulmonary edema and leading to 
a noticeable mortality rate among elderly, weakened or suffering from severe chronic ailments in 
all countries of the world. 

The following properties are critical for rhinovirus diseases.

1. Infection and spread of the disease by these viruses usually occurs by airborne droplet 
(aerosol) route.

2. Rhinoviruses never affect the digestive and urinary systems of the body.

3. Vaccines created against these viruses are usually unreliable and short-lived, due to the 
truly meteoric mutation of these viruses into other virus strains not controlled by the vaccines 

Thinking retroactively on my treatment for lemon juice and honey, I realized that 
in essence I was able to "flush" my infected nasopharynx with a solution with high acidity. 
Obviously, this turned out to be enough to critically reduce the number of viruses introduced 
there. Probably it helped me that I also added honey to the drink, a slightly gelatinous substance, 
i.e. not easily washed off from the mucosa and provided an element of prolongation, acid retention 
on the nasopharyngeal mucosa, i.e. the effect of the acidic medium on the virus was significantly 

Today, in reports of Japanese doctors treating a group of 19 patients with coronovirus, it was 
noted, between other observations, that  they applied very frequent moistening of the 
nasopharynx with even plain water, every 15 minutes. 
And in their opinion, this led to the washing off of the viral masses from the nasopharynx into 
the esophagus, along with saliva and sputum. Doctors emphasize that in the future, the virus is 
washed off into the stomach and destroyed by acid stomach juice. This information is confirmed 
by doctors at Stanford University Medical Center, USA. 

The conclusions made by me were simple:

A) Coronovirus, which penetrated the nasopharynx upon infection of the subject, is quite unstable 
in the first hours and days after infection. Even by mechanical moisturizing the throat when 
drinking any liquid partially flushes out viruses in stomach, reduces the total mass of infect.

B) Coronovirus is not able to adapt in the gastrointestinal tract and in the urinary system.
In the juice of the stomach, it is definitely destroyed. Those. the virus is critically sensitive 
to acidity its penetration and habitat.

If the virus is destroyed in the stomach in acidic gastric juice, why not start preventative 
treatment COVID19 virus acid solutions starting in the nasopharynx? A simple and acceptable way 
of such processing. It is periodically frequent drinking acidic, within Ph 2.5-3.5 liquids. 
Fortunately those are juices of lemon, orange, grapefruit. Even sparkling water has a Ph of 3-3.5. 
For effective acid washing of the nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract, 3-4 single use of the 
above fluids is sufficient. Clearly, such a procedure cannot do any harm. And if it can lead to 
disinfection the nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract, we are talking about the fact that we 
managed to find a method of direct destructive action on the virus. 

My empirical and random experience of suppressing the onset of a viral disease was, fortunately, 
a successful trigger to suggest a way to gain control of a virus infection.

As we can see, the general situation with the fight against coronovirus is tragic. Closing people 
on giant reservations, face masks and personal care look like hopeless passive protection. The 
situation is extremely reminiscent of a race behind the train that left the station or horses 
that escaped from the stable.

In any case, I invite you to drink three times - four times a day, fifty grams of freshly squeezed 
lemon or other citrus juice.

At the same time, modestly to wish yourself good health!