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Vladimir Pavlovich:
The Institute for Nuclear Research
accompanies all Ukrainian reactors

German Bogapov. October 26, 21:35. ZN No. 1265, October 26 - November 1

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Vladimir Pavlovich
Nuclear reactors need not be stopped, but rebuilt 
 and built, while developing and mastering new technologies.

 In Ukraine, today at four nuclear power plants there are 15 power units
  - nuclear reactors, which provide half of the country's electricity needs.
 About the truth of Chernobyl, about the safety of nuclear  power plants 
 and nuclear waste, as well as about promising technologies in nuclear energy, 
  - we are talking with a leading researcher at the Institute for Nuclear Research, 
  doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Vladimir Pavlovich. In addition, 
  he worked at the ISTC "Shelter" for two and a half decades (now the Institute 
  for the Study of Safety Problems in Nuclear Power Plants).